astro[sound]bites is hiring!

Do you find yourself wanting to present the latest astronomy research in an accessible and lighthearted format? Do you wish you could conduct meaningful outreach and be part of an active DEI initiative? Do you yearn to make bad puns for fun? Then apply to be an astro[sound]bites co-host today! 

Though we’re sad to say goodbye to Malena after three fantastic planet-filled years as co-host, we’re also super excited to welcome someone new to the astro[sound]bites family.

If you’re an astronomy or astronomy-adjacent graduate student with a passion for science communication and a voice as smooth as butter, check out Episode 49.5 to learn more and submit our short application below. We have just a few questions to get to know you better and provide an opportunity for you to share with us your vision as co-host. All applications are due by 11:59pm on March 5. We’ll review applications anonymously and select a small number of people to invite for short interviews in the weeks following the deadline. We really hope you apply!

And, if you aren’t successful with your application this time, just know that Alex and Will won’t be grad students forever (despite what Will tells his friends). There may be more opportunities to join the team right around the corner!

Questions? Comments? You can always reach us at

Fill out the form below or at this link: