Sonification Competition 2021

Episode 33 is all about sonification in astronomy. Researchers and sound experts convert datasets and images to sound for many reasons: to inspire the public about astronomy, to reach those with visual impairment, and to make research breakthroughs that are impossible with vision alone.

In that episode, we present sonifications of our own research and invite you to sonify your research or any publicly-available astronomy data. In that spirit, we’re launching the Sonification Competition 2021, which is open to everyone. Two winners will be chosen among the submissions based on the sonification’s faithfulness to the data, ability to convey information, and aesthetic. 1st place wins an astro[sound]bites sweater and 2nd place wins an astro[sound]bites mug. (We might even invite the winners onto the show!)

In addition, each entrant* will receive an astro[sound]bites sticker.

*guaranteed for entrants within the United States; international shipping may be possible but cannot be guaranteed.

The competition will be open for one Mercury year (88 Earth days). Submission will close on Wednesday, July 7 at 5pm eastern time (21:00 UTC).


  1. Each entry must include a table or plot of the sonified data.
  2. Each entry must cite the origin of the data: yourself if you obtained the data, a website, a publication, a book, etc. We can’t feature any sonification on the show that isn’t properly attributed.
  3. For security purposes, a Google account is required for submission.
  4. One entry per person.
  5. Righty tighty, lefty loosey.
  6. Shipping of prizes and stickers are guaranteed only to those in the 50 US states and the District of Columbia. We hope to be able to mail internationally, but this is subject to pricing. Our funding is limited.
  7. Final results are at the sole discretion of Alexander Gagliano, Malena Rice, and William Saunders.
  8. Sonifications may be no more than 2 minutes long and no larger than 25 MB.
  9. Entrants must agree to allow astro[sound]bites to publish and promote any or all of their submissions, with appropriate attribution, on a podcast episode, on, and/or on

Where to Submit