Episode 25: Beyond A[S]B — Great Advisors, Gap Years, and Getting into Grad School

Please describe a time in your life when you experienced and overcame hardship.

Well, middle school wasn’t great…I stubbed my toe this morning….how much detail are you looking for here??

The decision to apply to grad school can be both thrilling and terrifying. And, just like in research, one question can lead to ten more. Have no fear, the team is here! Will the Worthful helps you find the perfect advisor, Malena the Musicological shares her tips for crafting the perfect personal statement, and Alex the Acaudal weighs the pros and cons of taking a gap year. 

Links referenced in the show: astrosoundbites.com/episode-25-resources/

Advice on writing a personal statement: astrosoundbites.com/personal-statement-advice/

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