Episode 38: Keep Your Head in the Clouds

Tired of vacations being ruined by cloudy weather? Alex the travel agent can book your next trip to brown dwarf binary 1416B, where it’s always a balmy 2000 degrees and never cloudy. Or maybe a sojourn to a hot Jupiter is more your style? Malena the meteorologist has you covered with your 10-million year forecast: cloudy and lopsided.

In recognition of Juneteenth and the start of #BlackInAstro week, both papers featured in this episode were led by Black astronomers. 

Read our new Astrobite about sonification: astrobites.org/2021/06/17/getting-started-in-sonification

Submit for the competition: astrosoundbites.com/sonification-competition-2021

Space sound: nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2021/Parker-Discovers-Natural-Radio-Emission-in-Venus-Atmosphere. (Credit: NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio/Mark SubbaRao/Glyn Collinson)

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