Episode 46: Brown Dwarfs in Unusual Places

Ever misplace a brown dwarf? If re-tracing your astrophysical steps doesn’t help, it’s probably where you least expect to find it. In this episode, Alex and Malena bring us some brown dwarfs discovered in truly unusual locations. Alex sees the glass half full when he tells us how brown dwarfs could explain long secondary periods in red giants, solving a longstanding mystery. Malena guides us to a brown dwarf oasis in the phase space desert and manages to still talk about planets.

(Listen to the outro to hear Alex’s impersonation of an asteroid.)

Space sound: https://youtu.be/o0UOguMeaAE
(Ruben Garcia-Benito and CosMonic project)
CosMonic: http://rgb.iaa.es/cosmonic/#1559689666254-6a21da11-a004
Astronomy Beyond the Common Senses: https://accefyn.com/microsites/nodos/astroco/ii-workshop-on-astronomy-beyond-the-common-senses-for-accessibility-and-inclusion/

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