Episode 60: An Ear for Education (Sonification 2)

It’s time for our jam-packed sonification sequel, which includes two interviews, 5 (!) space sounds, and a critical fourth “i” for how sonification is used in astronomy! We’re first joined by Paul Green and Afra Ashraf, the creators of the new sonification project Sensing the Dynamic Universe. Then Sarah Kane, a senior undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, joins us to talk about her journey in astronomy and sonification while being legally blind. We round things out by listening to kilonovae, radio interferometers, and the atmosphere of Uranus! Is there anything we didn’t discuss? 

0:00 First 3 “i”s
5:05 Sensing the Dynamic Universe interview (4th “i”)
29:17 Reflections on SDU
32:14 Sarah Kane interview
55:31 Our educational sonifications

Sensing the Dynamic Universe: https://lweb.cfa.harvard.edu/sdu/index.html

Our sonification astrobite from last year: astrobites.org/2021/06/17/getting-started-in-sonification/

An article about Sarah Kane (isn’t she so fashionable?): omnia.sas.upenn.edu/story/disability-advocacy-and-sciences

SonoUno: sion.frm.utn.edu.ar/sonoUno/

Astronify: astronify.readthedocs.io/

Twotone: twotone-midiout-beta.netlify.app

Miditime (for advanced users): github.com/cirlabs/miditime

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